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Snow Days

Within the last few weeks, we’ve had several days of ice & snow that have caused the local schools to shut down. In fact, there was one week when we had mail delivery only three days out of six. We … Continue reading

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Science . . . Again

As I continue in our science studies this year, I can’t help but think about next year. I already know I’m not going to continue to use God’s Design, even with the new (full color) design because the Physics level … Continue reading

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Science Quiz

After much deliberation, I choose to purchase Answers In Genesis’s God’s Design for Chemistry series for our science this year. As it is designed for Grades 3-8, it is a bit of a stretch for our young family. I figured … Continue reading

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Chemistry Curriculum Decided!

As I wrote about previously, I was wondering what to do about science for next year. I ultimately decided I could not spend such a huge amount of my homeschool budget on science at this level (1st & 3rd grade), … Continue reading

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