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Curriculum – 2010-2011

I have a 4th & 2nd grader this year. Here are the plans: 4th Grade Math: CLE Math 400 with supplements (Life of Fred Fractions, Singapore’s new Challenging Word Problems 3) Language Arts: Writing Tales 1, Spell to Write and … Continue reading

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New school year – final checklist

It is almost time for us to start our new school year. As Child #3 isn’t ready to start Kindergarten yet, I am once again only teaching two kids. I’ve worked out our tentative schedule and figured out our curriculum. … Continue reading

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Walking up the stairs from the basement to our main level made me realize it was warm and somewhat humid upstairs. I remarked on it to my husband. He, being the more practical of the two of us, checked to … Continue reading

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What exactly does that mean?

I had one of those moments where I spaced out while staring at nothing at all. When I came back into focus (both with my eyes & brain), I found I was staring at a “foaming soap” product sold for … Continue reading

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Short Trip

We are supposed to be on a trip right now. We drove 12 hours to our first stop – camping with some of my darling husband’s relations. The first night was cool and somewhat windy. The heat and humidity we … Continue reading

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Can’t Win for Losing

I tried to help my husband out by mowing the lawn. May times when I do this, something bad happens. I’ve been locked out of the house by my toddler (with the baby asleep inside in the crib and the … Continue reading

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Just Perfect!

I took our vehicle in to get an oil change. This is usually quite an ordeal as I have all five of the kids with me and we are over an hour from home. On this particular occasion, I had … Continue reading

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