Snow Days

Within the last few weeks, we’ve had several days of ice & snow that have caused the local schools to shut down. In fact, there was one week when we had mail delivery only three days out of six.

We continued to have school here on all those days. We had to reschedule a field trip because the place we were planning on going was closed due to the weather. So, we did a complete day of school that day, too.

We’re doing half-days this week and next (not including Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years). Math is every other day. Spelling is every day, although a shorter lesson each day. Science is every day (since we need to get through more lessons in that than any other subject).

Speaking of Science, we’ve had some fun experiments lately in our God’s Design for Chemistry book. We made whipped cream and butter one day when we were studying milk. We dissolved LifeSavers (TM) yesterday (cold water vs. room temperature water vs. hot water, crushed vs. whole, and still/moving tongue around in our mouths) as part of our lesson on ‘solutions.’ We made mayonnaise today as part of our lesson on ‘suspensions.’

The two kids took a quiz on Monday on mixtures, elements, and compounds. After they tried it by themselves, we used it as a review activity instead of a ‘grading opportunity.’ So they both got all the questions correct after going over everything three times.

The kids have gotten plenty of opportunity to go outside to play in the snow. They climb snowdrifts, throw snowballs, slide down various hills, play with the neighbor kids (who are out of school either on a snow day or for Christmas break), and get themselves cold & wet on a regular basis.

I found some snow pants for the older two at a local resale shop and had some just the right size for Child #3 already. Only Child #4 lacks them although he tends to stay out just as long no matter how cold & wet he is. The only time he comes to complain is if he lost a glove. It appears to be his Achilles ‘hand’ (so to speak).


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2 Responses to Snow Days

  1. Home school has NO snow days…but fun recess!

  2. The experiments are one of the best parts of this series. I like how well the relate to the reading. I was going to do the milk experiments this week too 😆 But didn’t get to the store for cream.

    We instead did Properties of Matter lesson 20 yesterday about air and oxygen. That experiment was fun. They made carbon dioxide then poured it over a candle. My husband changed it a little by putting the jar upside down in a pan of water over the lit candle. If you haven’t done that, it’s pretty neat. The water will slowly rise inside the jar as the candle burns up the oxygen until the candle eventually goes out. Then they made carbon dioxide and poured it over a lit candle.

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