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Science & Memory Work

I’ve written before on how we use memory work in our little homeschool, but this year we’re definitely stepping it up a notch. Our memory work usually contains poems, Latin chants, Catechism questions, and prayers. However, I decided to purchase¬†Classically … Continue reading

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Science Fair

It has been rather whirlwind the last few days because the older three kids were putting together science project displays for their science fair. This entailed some help from Mom on the computer helping with formatting and printing of summary … Continue reading

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Science/History – Something Different

Every year in our homeschooling journey so far, I’ve alternated days that we worked on history and science. So, we’d do history on Mondays and Wednesdays with science on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We school four days per week, so the … Continue reading

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First Day of School

We completed our first day of school this fall. My four and three-year olds aren’t tired, but I am. I noted early on that I was not completely prepared to teach history today, but since we do each twice per … Continue reading

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New school year – final checklist

It is almost time for us to start our new school year. As Child #3 isn’t ready to start Kindergarten yet, I am once again only teaching two kids. I’ve worked out our tentative schedule and figured out our curriculum. … Continue reading

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Summer Project – Part 1

This summer I thought it would be nice for the kids to hatch some chicks from eggs. It is a 4-H project available to anyone through an extension office in the big city about an hour away. I sent in … Continue reading

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On-Line Science Games

Check out this site to find some links to fun games. Play one or two yourself and then have your kids see if they can beat your score. I tried the “Extreme Adventure” link on this site. The one I … Continue reading

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