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Long Day

What a day. Yesterday seems like weeks ago. We did our usual chores this morning, decorated cookies, started to clean out a closet, pulled out some bad sewing stitches to redo, did some errands, and then went to the County … Continue reading

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Politics . . . Again

In general, I’m not a person to stereotype, but this situation screamed for me to point out how people made them fit! Here are some pictures from our vantage point on the sidelines of the local County Fair parade. Guess the … Continue reading

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Haystack Full of Needles: Still Waiting!

Awhile back, I posted that I’d ordered a book and would let you know what I thought after I read it. I pre-ordered a couple extra for some homeschool mom friends of mine and I was hoping to get them … Continue reading

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County Fair = Parade Time!

It is County Fair time in our neck of the woods. For the kids, that means a parade and CANDY! Here are some of the things we saw go by. Can you tell we live in a rural area? I … Continue reading

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Buzz Off: Buzzing Flies!

What makes flies buzz? Is it people inside a house trying to sleep? Most summers, we have our share of flies sneak into the house. With three kids and two adults cycling the exterior doors and window screens that don’t … Continue reading

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Strabismus: Accommodative Esotropia & Progressive Lenses?

About three years ago, an observant neighbor noticed our eldest child’s eyes were both turning inward. I dismissed it to the neighbor, but passed along the mention to my husband. I hadn’t known that he had problems with his eyes … Continue reading

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Road Trip! Germanfest

When I just had one child, we went everywhere together. I wasn’t fearless, but we set off on many a trek and road trip that would daunt weaker souls. Once there were two, I can only think of once that … Continue reading

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