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After much deliberation, I choose to purchase Answers In Genesis’s God’s Design for Chemistry series for our science this year. As it is designed for Grades 3-8, it is a bit of a stretch for our young family. I figured my (young-for-her-grade) 3rd grader would grasp most of it and my first grader would be along for the ride. They both love experiments and the texts (Properties of Matter & Properties of Atoms & Molecules) have a fun activity or experiment almost every single lesson.

Both have really struggled grasping the concepts. I didn’t realize how much trouble they would have. The first quiz (Lessons 1-4 in Properties of Matter book) didn’t go the greatest. But the second was really dismal. The older child grasp the concepts as shown in the short answer portion of the quiz but doesn’t have a clue on the terminology. The younger child can figure out the terminology as shown by her fairly decent score in the matching portion of the quiz but doesn’t get the underlying concept.

But that’s not why I’m posting about this. I just wanted to share Child #2’s answer on one of the “short answer” questions because it had me rolling with laughter. I must set this up by saying that 1) we studied astronomy last year and 2) the chemistry text discussed the concept of buoyancy with examples of swimming in a pool filled with rubbing alcohol (where we would likely have issues staying afloat) and a pool filled with mercury (which would be a bad idea, obviously, but where we would easily stay afloat) due to the different material densities.

Quiz question: “If an object floats in one liquid but sinks in another, what does that tell you about the densities of the two liquids?”

Child #2 answer, “The one that sinks is probably rubbing alcohol and the other is probably Saturn or Uranus or something you can float on.”

[Obviously, she was trying to think of the word “mercury” and substituted names of two other planets instead.] Is this funny to anyone else or is it one of those “you had to be there” moments?

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2 Responses to Science Quiz

  1. I use those books. My third grade scientist really enjoys them. I don’t use the tests. I found them too nit picky.

    Have you seen the Myth Busters episode on invisible water? It’s good and we watched it when talking about density.

  2. Erin says:

    I think her answers are an amazing lesson in itself in how the brain stores information.

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