First Quarter Review

I scheduled this week off from school, knowing we’d need a break about now. It was also the end of our first quarter, so I’d theoretically have time to file some papers, do a little more planning for second semester, put together grade reports, and keep ahead of dd#1 in Latin. After reading Northwood Classical Academy’s First Quarter Review post, I was inspired to write my own.


– She’s got quite a full plate this year – 11 subjects. She is also pretty much working on her own. I start her off every day with some memory work, review of vocab/grammar concepts in her two foreign languages, and then answer any questions she has about her work in the other subjects. I’m only directly teaching her informal logic class.

– She is enjoying her math – although she won’t use the term ‘enjoy.’ This week while we were off, she continued to do math almost every day by her own choice. Part of that is her desire to ‘stay ahead’ of one of her peers who is doing the same math program. Someone remind me that she needs to take a week off when she finishes this book. She has a video teacher, but can ask for help (and does!) when it doesn’t make sense. She just finished the first semester of work and squeeked by an A in Pre-Algebra.

Latin is going well using First Form from Memoria Press. I finished Lesson 13 (Test on Units 1 & 2) this week and she’s on Lesson 7. She seems to understand everything so far even though it moves quickly. I’m not regretting my decision to not go with the online Latin class this year.

Spanish – finishing up Getting Started with Spanish while working on Duolingo – is also going well. This is our light Spanish year, but she continues to move forward. I’m still ahead of her on Duolingo, but I haven’t caught up to her in GSWS. Hoping I can continue to help her when she runs into trouble.

Writing could use some improvement on my part as I’m skating along without too much review of her work. She’s using Susan Wise Bauer’s Writing With Style 1 and I need to spend a little more time having her revise her work vs. just sending her along to the next lesson.

Science is a big fail right now. She isn’t using the outlining skills we worked on last year with her textbook and you can tell. Changes are in order.

Grammar is another subject that needs some changes. She is not internalizing the concepts and absolutely cannot identify the usage of words in context. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do here – but we can’t keep doing what we’re doing. It isn’t working.

– She finished memorizing Kublai Khan.

– In general, she has shown a lot of growth in the last year – physically, mentally, and emotionally. She needs to focus on building her study skills, using time efficiently, and staying on task in order to reach her potential.


– While she comprehends and reads at the beginning of sixth grade level, her spelling is that of a student in the middle of third grade. We’re working on about third grade level words right now, but as the year goes on, the words get harder. I hope her spelling improves as the words get harder.

Math is going . . . it is a struggle some days to get her motivated enough to complete her work, but so far her quiz and test scores are showing that she understands the subject. She psyches herself out. I sometimes contemplate switching to a different math, but as long as she’s moving forward, we are going to stay the course.

Her favorite subject is history. She also is enjoying Ellen McHenry’s Mapping the World With Art. Overall, she’s doing well with her subjects so far. No major changes – except I hope to add a twice/month art lesson with a local artist come December or January.



– She’s reading and comprehending on a fourth grade level and spelling at about the same level as her older sister (third grade, fourth month).

– Rockin’ math, Dd#3 has almost mastered her multiplication tables. While her grip of divisions concepts isn’t completely solid yet, she is learning to perform some longer division calculations correctly.
– We are a little behind in our Latin progress – just finishing up the first five weeks of material right before our first quarter break. However, dd#3 & dd#2 are doing well with the vocabulary.

– Favorite subject? A tie between Math & History. No surprise there.


– Haven’t found a groove with reading yet. Worked on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for awhile. Then took a break to work on phonograms (a la SWR). Not really making much progress right now. He’s not liking the process. I’m not liking the process. I’m always tempted by All About Reading, but I’d tweak the heck out of it because I can’t stand sight words. Continuing the monitor the situation . . .

– While ds#1 loved our math times, I felt like we weren’t making progress across the board. Just over two weeks ago, I gave in to my desire to purchase McRuffy’s Kindergarten math program and am glad I did. Since it arrived right before we took a week off school, he’s only just started it, but he asks to do it even on non-school days. We’ll continue to work on place value and addition/subtraction facts through our memory card game, but add in this gentle program for fun and to cover ‘other’ math topics.

– Favorite subject? While he loves when I read him the children’s bible, he enjoys listening into History the best. We’ll see where math ends up being on his favorite list by the end of the first semester – I think it might end up ranking right up there with Bible/History.

Other things going on:

In karate, dd#2 moved up to green belt. Dd#3 moved up to yellow belt. I’d love to see Dd#1 move to blue belt soon, but it isn’t my decision!

In gymnastics, dd#2 was able to climb the rope to the very top for the first time this week! It was quite the accomplishment for her and we are very proud.

Horse back riding

We have picked up horse back riding lessons for dd#2 & dd#3. It turns out that dd#1 is allergic to horses, cats, dogs, most tree pollen, weeds, mold, grasses, etc. She’s skipping horseback riding for now, until we can figure out what our long term allergy strategy will be.

All the kids (and mom) are loving the Wings of Fire series. We just had Book 4 delivered on the day it was released and are slowly savoring it, chapter by chapter. Book 5 doesn’t come out until March, so it’ll be a long wait to see how everything comes out!


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