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ER visit

I am not one who panics easily. I’m not one of those moms who takes their kids to the Emergency Room without a Darn Good Reason. One of those happened today, IMO. It was lunch time and I had water … Continue reading

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H1N1 or the regular flu?

I was listening to the top doctor in the state I live in talk on the radio the other day about the H1N1 flu. She promotes vaccines and is highly respected. I can’t remember her title, but she’s the a medical … Continue reading

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Keep the change . . .

Seen on a tractor-trailer while driving a mid-Central highway: I’ll keep my guns, religion, and money. . . You keep the change!

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Another Aesop Fable & Moral

When I read this Aesop Fable to my kids, I was reminded of a scene in an Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I doubt anyone else will see the parallel, but I thought I would share anyway. The Goose With … Continue reading

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The House Dog & The Wolf

I was reading Aesop’s Fables with my kids the past couple weeks. Many of them are really profound when you stop to think about them and their morals. For instance, we read the one I’m copying below. It reminded me … Continue reading

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We covered what an “inauguration” is and what today means for the United States in terms of power change in a peaceful fashion. My oldest wanted to see what the new President looks like and I thought it would be … Continue reading

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A Wasted Vote

Many of you have already seen this, I am sure. However, I just ran into this sentiment again in an email discussion with a former mentor of mine. She felt compelled to remind me that we have a two-party system … Continue reading

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