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Dreams of My Father

No, this is not a review of the Barack Obama book. That’s Dreams From My Father. I sometimes have very vivid dreams. This caused me some trouble as a youngster as I would wake up in a panic about something … Continue reading

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Mummifying a Chicken (Cornish Game Hen)

As part of our studies of Ancient History (Nomads/First Civilizations through Fall of Rome) using Story of the World I, we are mummifying a chicken. Well, not a chicken. We decided to scale the project down to Cornish game hen size. First … Continue reading

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Memorization in our school

During the years when we’ve had some memory work (poems, bible verses), I find that the kids remember their other work (math facts, history stories, science definitions) better than in the years where I’ve slacked off. (Here is a free compilation of … Continue reading

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