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A Wasted Vote

Many of you have already seen this, I am sure. However, I just ran into this sentiment again in an email discussion with a former mentor of mine. She felt compelled to remind me that we have a two-party system … Continue reading

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Grim Thoughts / Musings on Kids

I responded to a friend’s email about politics the other night with a hugely negative overtone. As I went on and on about how neither major presidential candidate will be able to get the US out of the mess we … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris only trusts Ron Paul

Chuck Norris was a huge supporter of Mike Huckabee in the Republican Presidential primary. He seems to have learned a bit since then and commented in a recent interview on the Alex Jones Show that he¬†doesn’t know who to trust … Continue reading

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Show Us What You’ve Got, Sarah!

Tonight, Governor Palin, show us that you really are a maverick, a rebel, and a worker for CHANGE. When the “Do you agree with the bailout” question comes, give us your honest answer. Don’t mirror McCain. Don’t give us the … Continue reading

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Politics Post

I wanted to give a kudos to patriotmom76’s post today on Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. I don’t necessarily endorse any of her other posts. But this one has some good points: “Do you know … Continue reading

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Politics . . . Again

So I wrote the other day that I am not happy with the direction our country is going. I have to admit that neither major political party enthuses me in the slightest. I have a father-in-law that votes one way … Continue reading

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