Science . . . Again

As I continue in our science studies this year, I can’t help but think about next year. I already know I’m not going to continue to use God’s Design, even with the new (full color) design because the Physics level texts are too high level for my youngsters. (The Chemistry ones are too high level, IMO, and that was a mistake.) I was leaning toward Science in a Nutshell kits or TOPS. Then, I thought maybe I might just go ahead and break the bank with NOEO.

I revisited my curriculum post from almost a year ago. It reminded me of Pandia Press. I’m relooking at their Chemistry curriculum and wondering if it is too late to start over with their course. 😉 (I’m only slightly joking.) I’m not ready to switch (yet), but I saw a sample page on their website about explaining states of matter and it seems to do a better job of speaking to my kid’s level. (It is designed for Grades 2+. God’s Design for Chemistry is designed for Grades 3+.)

But while I was there, I checked out the blog of Pandia’s owner. This blog piece caught my eye. It is a brief review of a speech given at a homeschool convention.

Many homeschool moms and I have discussed this topic. One of the homeschooling Yahoo groups I am on is currently discussing the problem of selecting a “good” science curriculum, especially for the high school level. I agree, in principle, with what she is saying. (I don’t agree with everything she says in the blog piece. I do agree with the basic premise.) It is hard to find a science (or history) curriculum that doesn’t have an “agenda.” I, too, would rather the agenda be front & center so I can either steer clear of it, embrace it (if that is what I wish), or Sharpie it out. 🙂


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One Response to Science . . . Again

  1. It seems we have opposite kids. Mine are very detailed and science oriented and love the God’s Design series. I’m sorry to hear they’re not working out for you. I do agree they are rather advanced for younger students without a lot of tweaking unless they’re really interested in the topic. I still tweak, but usually it’s my husband adding even more details.

    I found something fun you also may enjoy, Pop Bottle Science. It’s a bunch of experiments that are done using a 2L soda bottle. The bottle (which comes apart) and directions are included. I think it was less than $15.

    I totally agree finding good, non-agenda science curriculum can be frustrating. It seems everyone has their pet cause to push. That was one of the things I kept running into last year when searching for science that wasn’t watered down. It’s amazing how much bias can be found in a subject supposedly so concrete.

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