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Sick Season

I don’t know what it is, but this year, we’ve been sick a LOT. Until this past fall, it seemed like our family didn’t get sick very much. Except for Child #4 and his battles with croup, we had only … Continue reading

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Curriculum – 2010-2011

I have a 4th & 2nd grader this year. Here are the plans: 4th Grade Math: CLE Math 400 with supplements (Life of Fred Fractions, Singapore’s new Challenging Word Problems 3) Language Arts: Writing Tales 1, Spell to Write and … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Night / Christmas Day

It was cold, dark, & snowy. All the children headed to bed, some to read, some to actually sleep. I found two in the same (twin-size) bed, but decided to let them stay that way. I wrapped the one present we … Continue reading

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Potty Training – Week 9

It has been awhile since I updated how we have been doing on potty training. We were in despair when we passed a month of actively trying to get Child #3 to perform her peeing and pooping in the toilet … Continue reading

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Children Behaving In Public

We had all four kids along when we picked out a replacement stove (range top/oven) recently at a large store. Our current oven has “issues” that involve kicking off randomly usually at temperatures over 350° F. It is hard to … Continue reading

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The House Dog & The Wolf

I was reading Aesop’s Fables with my kids the past couple weeks. Many of them are really profound when you stop to think about them and their morals. For instance, we read the one I’m copying below. It reminded me … Continue reading

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Back to School

This summer, while waiting with my kids for swimming lessons to start, I was chatting with some of the other moms. One of them, whom I have known since middle school, was waxing eloquent and loudly about how great it … Continue reading

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