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Sidewalk Chalk and Long Summer Days

On Saturday we had no plans. My husband took our eldest out for an early bike ride. I stayed in bed as long as I could (8 a.m.), although I had technically been awake since 6:20 a.m. because of one … Continue reading

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It was around 11:20 p.m. on a Friday night in our small town (less than 3000) in middle America. The peace of the night (and my newly found sleep) was shattered by fireworks. They lasted less than 10 minutes, but … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

I’ve written lately about our “finals week” and our upcoming “summer plans.” So far, we are on track for finals week even though we have had our bumps in the road. We like to get all our school done in … Continue reading

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Hoodlum or Munchkin?

I have many names for my brood of children. I’ve been told not to call them “hoodlums” because they do not fit the definition (thug, ruffian, bully). Technically this is true, but if you lived with them, you would understand … Continue reading

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Summer Plans – No Structure But Some Ideas

I thought about this previously, but was motivated to add it after reading cellista’s “Is it May or is it me?” post. Most home schoolers I know are year rounders. We are not. I want my summer break! I don’t … Continue reading

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Society is Definitely Anti-Family

I have been thinking about Teresa’s post patriarchy hates families, not just women since I read it yesterday. I definitely agree with her thesis, if not all the specifics. The government and society in general have it out for intact families. The … Continue reading

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Finals Week

As I wrote previously, we need to assess our progress for this school year. I have made up a schedule for finals week. Friday is currently scheduled for a day of FUN! Hopefully, we will get everything done before then … Continue reading

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