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First Quarter Review

I scheduled this week off from school, knowing we’d need a break about now. It was also the end of our first quarter, so I’d theoretically have time to file some papers, do a little more planning for second semester, … Continue reading

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Science & Memory Work

I’ve written before on how we use memory work in our little homeschool, but this year we’re definitely stepping it up a notch. Our memory work usually contains poems, Latin chants, Catechism questions, and prayers. However, I decided to purchase Classically … Continue reading

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Writing Magic – Creating Sparks

To give (me and) my oldest a break from Classical Writing Homer, we started this second semester with Gail Carson Levine’s Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly. My dd#2 loves to write stories but struggles to finish them. There are … Continue reading

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Baking With History

On our (second) trip through Story of the World 1, we have sometimes picked activities that we’ve done before. However, sometimes the kids choose to do something that we haven’t tried before. In Chapter 24, one of the activities is … Continue reading

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Struggling Reader Turns into a Reading Lover

My older two have struggled to become readers. And, once they can read, they have struggled to read fluently. I have written before about the time my oldest asked my husband if he liked to read. She told him that … Continue reading

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Mummifying a Chicken (Cornish Game Hen)

As part of our studies of Ancient History (Nomads/First Civilizations through Fall of Rome) using Story of the World I, we are mummifying a chicken. Well, not a chicken. We decided to scale the project down to Cornish game hen size. First … Continue reading

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Memorization in our school

During the years when we’ve had some memory work (poems, bible verses), I find that the kids remember their other work (math facts, history stories, science definitions) better than in the years where I’ve slacked off. (Here is a free compilation of … Continue reading

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