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Language Arts for Next Year – Mental Chaos!

As I sat watching my oldest child write from dictation this morning during her spelling lesson (using Spell to Write and Read), I shuddered inwardly in horror. There were words run together, very little punctuation (including, in some cases, no … Continue reading

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Change to Next Year’s Lesson Plans

Note to self:  When doing next year’s lesson plans, instead of writing all subjects out on a weekly sheet, make the plans for each subject on their own separate pages. I am getting really tired of page flipping because I’m … Continue reading

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Different Personalities

All my kids are different. Each one has his or her own personality, way of communicating, learning style, favorite activities, and way of interacting with others. This is evident every day. Take yesterday, for instance. It was a beautiful day, … Continue reading

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Children Behaving In Public

We had all four kids along when we picked out a replacement stove (range top/oven) recently at a large store. Our current oven has “issues” that involve kicking off randomly usually at temperatures over 350° F. It is hard to … Continue reading

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Motivation Issues

So things have been tough around here lately. We’ve had a couple of trips, some out-of-town visitors, and wacky weather changes which have contributed to some sick kids periodically. With all this, we’ve still managed to keep to our homeschool … Continue reading

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You Can Learn A Lot When You Teach Your Own Kids

Some people are apprehensive of homeschooling their own kids because they say they don’t know enough. I usually respond by telling them about the study (Home Education Across the United States by Dr. Brian Ray, 1997) that shows no difference … Continue reading

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