Sidewalk Chalk and Long Summer Days

On Saturday we had no plans. My husband took our eldest out for an early bike ride. I stayed in bed as long as I could (8 a.m.), although I had technically been awake since 6:20 a.m. because of one of the small ones.

I can already see how the summer is shaping up. They spent an hour on each activity (chalk, playing in the dirt, riding bikes, jumping rope/running around, etc.) Still, occasionally I would hear the complaint that they had “nothing to do.” Their friends (neighbors) did come out to play – and there was no more whining after that.

There are always bike rides to the playground, park, and swimming pool, too.


About doucementgently

I'm a thirty-something female with loads of kids, a great husband, and lots of things on my mind. I plan on blogging about homeschooling, personal finance, the economy in the U.S., politics, family life, and the things my children do.
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