Teaching Two with Spell to Write & Read (SWR)

This year, my oldest is moving onto a Vocabulary/Spelling combo program call Megawords. However, the next two will be using Spell to Write and Read again. I’m going to attempt to teach them both together, even though they are over 2 1/2 yrs apart in age.

So, after reading the red manual (Spell to Write and Read) AGAIN – well, at least the first 15 steps, I set up a schedule. We’ll work for 30 minutes four times per week with a 15 minute “test” time on the fifth day. The idea is to work for 30 minutes and stop when the time is up. Mark where you are. Then, the next day, just “do the next thing” on the schedule and stop again when those 30 minutes are up.

Since both girls have gone through Lists A-H at least once each, the first few lists are faster than I would go with a beginning student.

We’ll see how it goes . . .

Here’s the first part of our schedule (go down the first column before starting on column 2):

Say, write, & quiz 13 single-letter phonograms Dictate fully any missed C words
Start Consonant/Vowel Page Review all missed words
Say, write, and quiz 20 phonograms Read all multi-letter phonos + missed single-letter
Work on Consonant/Vowel Page Read B, C, & D words
Intro sh, th, oo, ee, er, oy, oi, ch, ow, ou Intro ur, ir, wor, ear + read multi-letter phonos
Write them in LL on Phono pg Write them in LL on Phono pg
Say, write, & quiz 26 Phonos Silent Final E pg
Finish Consonant/Vowel Page Dictate D 1-10
Read A Words Quiz phonos (missed + new)
Review multi-letter phonos Dictate D 11-20
Quiz multi-letter + missed single-letter phonos Review missed words
Quiz A words Compose Oral Sentences
Dictate fully any missed; make cards for them Read A-C (TIME)
Intro ay, ai, ea, or, ui, ew, ar, aw, au + read all Read C & D words
Write them in LL on Phono pg Spelling Enrichment
Read A & B words Quiz D + missed
Quiz multi-letter phonos + missed single-letter Read phonos
Quiz B words + missed A words Quiz phonos (new + missed)
Write cards for missed B words Compose Oral Sentences
Dictate fully any missed B words Read all words A-D
Read all phonos Review missed words
Read A & B words (TIME) Test D + missed
Intro ng, wh, ck, oe, oa, ed + read multi phonos Make cards for any missed
Write them in LL on Phono pg Intro igh, ie, dge, wr + read multi-letter phonos
Quiz all multi + missed single-letter phonos Write them in LL on Phono pg
Read A, B, & C words Dictate E 1-15
Numbers Page Read D+ E words
Preposition Game Dictate E 16-20
Quiz C words + missed A&B words Spelling Enrichment
Write cards for missed C words Read all phonos



Phono quiz (missed + new) Read F-G words
Review missed words Review missed words
Quiz E + missed Spelling Enrichment
Compose Oral Sentences Quiz G words + missed
Read C-E words (TIME) Read multi-letter phonos
Test E + missed Spelling rule card review
Make cards of missed words Read E-F-G words
Intro ti, ci, si, tch + read multi-letter phonos Review missed words
Write them in LL on Phono pg Test G + missed
A-E-I-O-U pg Make cards of missed words
Dictate F 1-20 Intro kn, gn, ough + read multi-letter phonos
Phono quiz (missed + new) Write them in LL on Phono pg
Read F words Spelling Diagnostic #1
Compose Oral Sentences Dictate H-1
Review missed words Add to # page
Spelling Enrichment Compose & write original sentences
Quiz F words + missed Read G & H-1 words
Read D-E-F words Review missed words
Test F + missed Read phonos
Make cards of missed words Spelling Enrichment
Intro eigh, ei, ey, ph + read multi-letter phonos Quiz H-1 words + missed
Write them in LL on Phono pg Phono quiz (missed + new)
SH/TI page Test H-1 words + missed
Read all phonos Make cards of missed words
Phono quiz (missed + new) Read frequently missed phonos
Intro spelling rule cards Quiz random 40 phonos
Dictate G 1-20 Teach ED page
Compose & write original sentences Quiz rest of 30 phonos + missed
Read all phonos


After this, each week, do the following:
Dictate 20 words
Compose & write at least one original sentence each
Read phonos (multi-letter)
Quiz missed phonos (can go down to once per month once they get 100%)
Read words (once this section, once previous sections + this section)
Review missed words
Spelling Enrichment
Quiz words + missed
Review spelling rule cards
Test words + missed
Write cards of any missed
Teach any necessary page

Once per month, do a:
Phono Quiz (all 70)
Diagnostic Spelling Test


We could speed up to more than 20 words per week. We’ll play that by ear. Hope this helps give you an idea of how to set up your own schedule for SWR.


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