Science Fair

It has been rather whirlwind the last few days because the older three kids were putting together science project displays for their science fair. This entailed some help from Mom on the computer helping with formatting and printing of summary information for their display boards.

The eldest only decided to do a project three days before the fair. So, while her display was impressive, it was done in 48 hours. Here are your summaries:

Child #1 decided to see which mixture of sugar (half brown/half white, all white, or all brown) makes the “best” chocolate chip cookies as defined by her ideal rating of five characteristics (color, crunchiness, feeling in your mouth/teeth, chocolateness, and sweetness). She thought the half-brown, half-white would be “the best.” (She forgot to ask people to rate which one they liked best on her survey, so she had to modify her hypothesis a bit.) The all-white sugar cookie was the one that was closest to four of her five characteristics, so her hypothesis was proven wrong.

Child #2 decided to just take what she has been doing in science class with her. So, Mom transcribed her science notebook (badly spelled) notes into legible summaries to paste on her display board. She brought her four petri dishes with bacteria (which turned out to be a huge No-No) and her science notebook. The toilet lid was the nastiest looking petri dish. The one from her hand sample turned out to not have a whole lot of bacteria growing on it.

Child #3 brought her results from putting two Christmas gifts into water to see how much they would grow. She measured them (almost) daily for over two weeks while they grew & then shrunk (once taken out of the water). She had two graphs (one for each water toy). I found it interesting that out the three claims on the package, two of them were proven wrong by her data. (She didn’t notice this, by the way. She only noticed that her clam didn’t grow as much as her little brother’s alligator.) Now, it is over. I’m tired. The kids are snacking on leftover cookies and I’m going to go take a nap while they watch a movie.

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I'm a thirty-something female with loads of kids, a great husband, and lots of things on my mind. I plan on blogging about homeschooling, personal finance, the economy in the U.S., politics, family life, and the things my children do.
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