First Day of School

DD#1: Math pg 47-48, GWG5 Lesson 1.1, WT2 pg 2 & 3

DD#2: Math pg 36; GWG3 Lesson 1.1

Both: Latin Lesson 1, flashcards Ch 1-5, vocab drill (1), workbook pg 9; Religion – Week 1, Day 1; Dictation – 4 sentences; Science – Lesson 1

DD#3: Math 1/2 pg 27, 100EL Lesson 56, Grandparent’s Day Craft, Start to memorize children’s rhyme Rub-a-dub-dub.


When it is written out like that, it doesn’t look like that much work.

I lived through it and I’m exhausted. Tomorrow, we get to do it all over again. And I won’t have dh here to keep the younger two occupied. (Youngest has a bit of a fever. Seems to be the same thing that ds#1 had a week ago and dh had two and a half weeks ago. Slight fever, dizziness, achy, etc. lasts for 1-3 days depending on the person.)

Kids are all upstairs watching a movie and then we’re going to celebrate that we made it through the first day with some cake and ice cream that dd#3 made yesterday for “cooking class.”

And I’m going to try to get to bed early.


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I'm a thirty-something female with loads of kids, a great husband, and lots of things on my mind. I plan on blogging about homeschooling, personal finance, the economy in the U.S., politics, family life, and the things my children do.
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