Fall 2011 Curriculum Plans

When I listed them, it didn’t seem as overwhelming as when I was planning them. I’ll have a separate post on my US History plans because I’m putting those together myself.

Child #1 – “5th Grade”

Math: A Beka Arithmetic 6 (I’ve read that ABeka slows down a lot after the 3rd grade text. She used CLE 400 last year & I went ahead & skipped the 5th grade ABeka text. Only time will tell if this was the right decision.)

Grammar: Growing With Grammar 5 (I used GWG3 with her previously. It is a pretty independent program & I’m hoping for that again.)

Writing: Writing Tales 2 (incorporates some grammar. I liked how WT1 improved her writing skills & endurance.)

Latin: Latina Christiana 1

Religion: Seton’s Religion 4 for Young Catholics (I struggled with what to do for our religion studies this year. I usually use Laura Berquist’s Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum as a guide, but didn’t like what they had for this year. This seemed like a good one-year overview of the Baltimore Catechism No. 1. Since we just studied it over three years, a one-year review sounded good.)

Spelling: We are going to do dictation using Susan Anthony’s Dictation Resource Book. We’re taking a break from a formal spelling program this year.

History: US History using my own mesh. (Post & link to follow in about a week.)

Science: Beautiful Feet’s History of Science (with some modification)

Spanish: Getting Started with Spanish + Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

Child #2 – “3rd Grade”

Math: A Beka Arithmetic 3

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 3 (first formal introduction to grammar)

Religion, Latin, History, Dictation, and Science with older sister

Child #3 – “Kindergarten”

(transitioning to 1st grade sometime mid-year)

Math: Miquonish math using a variety of discovery math techniques. We will transition into A Beka’s Arithmetic 1 as the year progresses

Reading: We are about half way through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (100EL). We will do the best we can to finish it & then move onto SWR-type phonics instruction

Handwriting: I’m going to try to teach this one cursive (loosely using Cursive First) starting this fall.

Crafts/Cooking Class/Fun Stuff: We are shooting for three times per week to have “fun” activities. We’ll be using Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts for at least half the year.

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