H1N1 or the regular flu?

I was listening to the top doctor in the state I live in talk on the radio the other day about the H1N1 flu. She promotes vaccines and is highly respected. I can’t remember her title, but she’s the a medical doctor with a title tied to the state somehow.

Anyway, the guys on the radio were asking her questions and letting her promote the H1N1 vaccine. I wish I could link you to an audio of her interview, but the radio station doesn’t have a podcast up of it. I’ll paraphrase what she said, but I realize that audio of it would be better proof than me typing my remembrance of what she said.

She repeated the mantra that certain target populations should receive the vaccine. She said that even if you thought you had H1N1 already, you should STILL get the vaccine. When questioned on this, she said that you could have had the regular flu or a respiratory infection instead, so you should still get the vaccine.

About five minutes later, when asked about how it has been reported that doctors are being told to report all flu cases as H1N1 – even without testing to determine which one they are, she said it was very simple and easy to tell the difference between H1N1 and the regular flu because of the severity of the illness. (She said something like, “Ask someone who has had H1N1 and they will tell you it is completely different from the regular flu.”) When one of the radio guys asked about a respiratory infection (which she had just used as an example of something that could have been mistaken for H1N1), the doctor said that of course the symptoms were very different.

I thought to myself, “Mrs. Dr. Lady, you can’t have it both ways!”

She said that 90+% of the cases of the flu that they are seeing are H1N1. When asked how she knows this if they are assuming all cases are H1N1, she replied that it isn’t regular flu season yet.

I wish I had the audio to post. It was incredible! And the radio guys on with her just let her get away with it. (The next hour, the next guy on seemed to have caught some of the inconsistencies, but he didn’t dwell on them.) Absolutely amazing.

We are not getting the immunizations. I’m trying to keep us from getting the H1N1 while we have a newborn in the house. At some point, if the house is exposed to it, at least we will have the immunity to this strain of it after we recover. I would just rather we not get it while the baby is so little and vulnerable. So, we wash-wash-wash and we stay away from those who have been sick as much as possible (+ a week that they say you can still be contagious). But our town has been overrun with the flu (H1N1 or regular, I don’t know!).


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