How Crunchy Are You?

Are you “crunchy?” You know, are you the “granola” type?

I never thought of myself as being a Granola Mom. I do have several friends who fit that description. However, after taking a version of this quiz a couple of years ago, I realized I’m crunchier than I thought (“Pretty Crispy”) For a different type of “crunch” factor, you can try the one here. (This one shows I’m “totally mainstream” with a 21% crunch factor.)

It sank in the other day when my mother referred to me as “Earth Momma.” She was getting her hair done by the lady who fixed mine for my wedding (oh, so many years ago). The lady said, “I just can’t imagine your daughter homeschooling.” My mom replied, “You mean, “Earth Momma?” The lady said, “Yes, I always thought she’d be a professional woman.” To which my mother replied, “Well, she is both. She’s a professional engineer. She just has a more important day-to-day job at home.” 

Ah, and that important job is calling me. I can hear one of the kids now . . .


About doucementgently

I'm a thirty-something female with loads of kids, a great husband, and lots of things on my mind. I plan on blogging about homeschooling, personal finance, the economy in the U.S., politics, family life, and the things my children do.
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