Status Update

Baby is still enjoying the comforts of the womb. (It must be awfully plush in there. Fed on demand. Constant warm temp. No chaffing clothing. The other kids’ screaming is dampened by mom-body sounds. Just getting a little bit cramped.)

Officially now several days past my due date. The longest I’ve ever had a kid stay inside before this was one day past my due date. I think I’m kept waiting like this because I so dread that one day that is “Labor Day” when the kid comes out. (Ow! Ow! Ow!) I’d much rather be pregnant longer. So, when my due date comes & goes, I become much more willing to go through the pain of giving birth. (Darnnit kid, you’re coming out TODAY. Stop fooling around.)

It feels like I’ve had a stomach ache for about a week because of the Braxton-Hicks contractions. Sometimes they kick up into some serious gut-clenchers, but that usually subsides within an hour or two.

We’re hoping the baby comes out on its own early this week because I really don’t want to contemplate a medical induction. I’d sit it out for another week gladly, but my husband has already informed me that I might be lucky to get a ride home from the hospital (and that’s it) if we deliver on Thursday or later due to his work demands/schedule. As I really need someone to watch the other four kids while I’m in the hospital, this doesn’t appeal to me. (We have a few options for half-day coverage when I’m in labor, but on-going help is scarce as most people have enough kids of their own and can’t easily add four more to their load.)

Completely unrelated story:  I ran into a family (minus the mom) that we are loosely friends wish but don’t see often at the library. I’d seen the kids and mom a few times over the last several months, but neither of us have ever mentioned my pregnancy. I hadn’t seen the husband in a while – which I didn’t realize until he asked if *that* was my kid (pointing to #4) and saying he hadn’t seen him since he was a baby. I think the husband might have noticed that I’m pregnant, but I’m not sure he’ll say anything to his wife as I haven’t gotten an accusatory phone call asking why I didn’t tell her that I was expecting again. (We share the same OB/GYN and our next youngest kids are only about a month apart.) Me? I just look really fat when I’m pregnant. 😉

Hope next post is to announce arrival of No. 5!


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I'm a thirty-something female with loads of kids, a great husband, and lots of things on my mind. I plan on blogging about homeschooling, personal finance, the economy in the U.S., politics, family life, and the things my children do.
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  1. Best of luck to you…hang in there!!!

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