School year planning

We usually start our “traditional school year” right after Labor Day. That day is approaching quickly, so I’m posting an update on how planning is going – even though we aren’t going to start then.

Lesson plans (each on individual subject sheets) are done for those subjects that I thought needed them – History, Religion, Science, Map Skills, etc. I didn’t do any for math this year as it is easy enough just to “do the next lesson” with a little bit of pre-planning either the night before or the weekend before for the hands-on manipulatives or up-on-the-white-board work. Grammar (GWG 3) and Writing (WWE 2) will also be “do the next lesson” type of lessons with no need for lesson plans.

We like to use quite a few “living books” for our history studies in conjunction with Story of the World. Thus, I spend several hours during the summer at the local library combing through the card catalog for related books for each chapter. (Our small local library does not have an internet-reachable online card catalog, so one has to physically be at one of the library’s two computers to search their card catalog.) I am just under over half-way done with my search (Chapter 19 22 of 42).

This year, we joined a library about an hour+ from us (paying the “out of area” fee) in order to have access to more books. I am only one-fourth of the way through this search as I have more “hits” at the bigger library system. However, I can do this searching from home using our internet connection.

Both sets of searches require me to carve out time away from the children – a difficult task this summer as my spouse has been working many (MANY) extra hours and those he is home, we like to spend as a family (usually doing an outside activity).

I have my organizational notebook started and as I am in a state which has some homeschool reporting requirements, I have my “letter” from the state officials in hand.

So, why aren’t we going to start after Labor Day as usual? Why will this “school year” be different than our others so far? Well, you see, I’m due to deliver our fifth child in the middle of September. So, I don’t really want to “start school” and then stop it again for those first several bleary-eyed weeks of newborn-ness. We’ll be waiting to start “school” in earnest until after I feel up to running the day-to-day household and managing school – hopefully in October for at least some of the subjects and November for the full fledged schedule.

There’s your update on school planning at the Learning As I Go homestead.


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3 Responses to School year planning

  1. Congratulations! That’s a very good reason not to start school early in the fall.

    We don’t get to our library often enough. I told my husband yesterday that I wanted to have monthly field trips to the library so we didn’t have to buy as many books. We have lots of preschool and lower elementary books but most of them have been gifts or part of the school program we use. I refuse to spend $6/book for all the Boxcar Children series my son is into now when he can get them free at the library along with many of the history readers I want to use this year.

    • doucementgently says:

      My daughter loved (loves) the Boxcar Children series! Our local library doesn’t have them all, but they do have many of them. It is much cheaper to get books at the library – just watch out for late fees!

  2. Our library doesn’t have late fees.

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