Chuck Norris only trusts Ron Paul

Chuck Norris was a huge supporter of Mike Huckabee in the Republican Presidential primary. He seems to have learned a bit since then and commented in a recent interview on the Alex Jones Show that he doesn’t know who to trust [in Congress]. Then, he says he wishes Ron Paul would go down the line of Congress-people with him and tell him who is corrupt so he could “choke them unconscious. And stick them into a pile.”

I wasn’t a Mike Huckabee supporter, but Chuck Norris did some incredibly funny YouTube ads for him. I wish Norris would have wised up sooner. For more of the interview, click here.

Perhaps the Constitution Party could talk to him about doing some YouTube ads for Chuck Baldwin, for whom Ron Paul is voting.


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3 Responses to Chuck Norris only trusts Ron Paul

  1. NH says:


    Let’s choke ALL the Democrats in Congress while we are at it, and vote them out too! LOL

    14% approval rating?

  2. Rich Moore says:

    Chuck has definitely turned pro-Ron Paul and pro-Constitutional. Every Ron Paul advocate needs to read Chuck’s new book, “Black Belt Patriotism.” No joke! It’s amazing–and cites the Founders and founding documents on almost every page. It’s not too late for Chuck to lean pro-Barr in 2008! We MUST encourage him!

  3. Randy Troy says:

    It’s true! I’ve heard Chuck on a number of recent interviews, saying, “Ron Paul is the only one I trust–we need more like him.” He is recanting of his RINO-NEOCON views and joined us and Ron Paul in ousting congressional corruption–watch his interview on “Alex Jones” show… Also, I’ve just completed his new NY Times best seller (#14), “Black Belt Patriotism.” It is amazing–and cites heavily from Ron Paul and Founders, and fights repeatedly for Constitutional Republic. It is not merely a political diatribe, but Chuck’s cultural manifesto (with his new pro-Ron Paul conversion) covering issues from economy to the traditional family, historic revisions of our religious heritage, and even his own personal nutrition workout plan. Don’t believe me, check out the professional and people’s reviews at Amazon…

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