Update: Vision Therapy #2

Child #1 completed her first visual perception / acuity testing session at the doctor’s office. I did not get to be present as I had to watch the other three children in their waiting room. The room Child #1 was in was more of a closet than a room. She described having to read, stand on one foot while crossing her arms, stand on one foot while crossing her arms with her eyes closed, drawing, matching, and other such activities. She pointed out that it was hard work and that they made her have a headache.

The doctor’s office indicated the testing would be “about an hour.” Child #1 took one hour and fifteen minutes. The extra time was explained by the fact that some of the tests are timed, but “some are not.” This was code word for “Your Child Took A Long Time To Do Them.” I understand. I’m her teacher, remember? Isn’t that one of the reasons we are here?

We have one more of these visual perception testing sessions and then a three week wait for our debrief meeting with the doctor to discuss a game plan for possible vision therapy.

I did get a chance to speak to a couple other parents in the waiting room about the process. There was a five-year old with intermittant (in his case, happens when he is tired) exotropia (eyes turn outward) who had just started his therapy. It was too early to see much difference, his mother said. Another mother came in with an eight year old who is 33-weeks into an estimated 36-week therapy. He is in the home stretch and she expressed much happiness with his progress.


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