Update on Fall Planning

Just an update on how lesson planning is going for the fall. I’ve picked my curriculum. I’ve received almost everything we are going to use. Here is how the actual planning is going:
Math – Easy & done. I just put down what lesson # I wanted to be on at the start of each week and made sure to leave myself some slush room.
Spelling – Done. I outlined what my daily plans would be in using Spell to Write and Read. We will be going fairly quickly once we reach mid-year, but I hope it is still realistic. I hope my pencil-phobic child rises to the challenge.
Reading – I don’t have much done on this right now. I haven’t figured out if I’m going to be assigning other-subject-related reading during this time or if I’ll just be checking out random books from the library to assign. There will also be “free reading” time – but I don’t have to plan that! Also, I want to pick out the literature I’ll be reading to the kids at night. I haven’t started that list yet, either. Anyone have any suggestions?
History – I have the year planned out for Story of the World I, but I am still filling in some of the extras. I need another hour at the library looking up books and some more time with my lists and activity books before this section is done.
Science – I have the Astronomy section planned out pretty well. I’m free-styling the Earth Science section, so I have a lot more work to do for that – second half of the school year. Need at least another hour at the library for this part plus a couple of hours (without too much interruption) to get this nailed down.
Religion– I’m in good shape on this one. I spent an hour or so today picking out saints to study and pulling out the books we’ll be using. I had already finished planning for the Baltimore Catechism work. We’ll be alternating each week between the Catechism and saints studying a la Laura Berquist.
Art– Still waiting for my ArtPacs to arrive so I can plan this.
Poetry – I have about four poems/selections picked out, but need another four to six to fill out the rest of the year. Call it half-done.
Latin– I’m not sure how much we’ll do in this, so I’m leaving it extremely loose. If we get to watching the Prima Latina DVDs, great. If we get to the workbook stuff, even better. Otherwise, I’ll start it next year.
Sewing– Waiting on some books for ideas. This is something my to-be-Kindergartner asked for and it is by no means a strong point for me.
Cooking– I have several projects already penciled in for this class. It is another that was requested for the Kindergartner, but I have plenty of cook books and lots of ways to incorporate our other subjects into this topic.

So, overall, I’m about 50% there. Good thing, too, because summer is halfway over!

A couple more comments:
I have decided to continue handwriting (cursive) instruction/practice next fall. I’m just not sure where it will come into the schedule.
I laid out my schedule for the day. I think I’m going to do things a bit differently this year in terms of times. I’m not going to start with math like I did last year. Also, I plan on going a certain time length for each subject with each kid and then moving on. If we don’t get done with that day’s plans, we’ll pick it up there the next day (with the child doing any work-alone stuff as “homework” during unscheduled time the rest of the day). We’ll see how that goes.


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